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Artist: Inferno, Dirty Drawz, Pakasso, D Mercy, Shot Out, Relli, Ikieu, Loyalty Lo, RedSox, Anonymous, Rachet Badazz, Gunner Gauge


Production: Ikieu, Beezly aka Tattoo, Relli aka Phynga's, Mydo, Jayy Oh Beatz

Where You Are

Derrick Mitchell AKA New England "Redsox" is considered to be a very talented rap artist. He started off in a rap group which he and his friends started back in his early childhood. Eventually he ended up becoming a solo artist and has been on the grind every since. He was born July 2 in Stamford Connecticut but was raised in the mean streets of Los Angeles, CA where he then attended Washington High School. Redsox had an opportunity to sign a deal early on in his career, but at the time was side tracked by the streets in L.A. His creative wordplay and amazing storytelling talent is what separates him from every other great musician/song writer. Redsox offers the world music that talks about his lifestyle and things he experienced while growing up. His latest performance was at the legendary "Toads Place" in New Haven Ct, where he opened up for the famous "Fredo Santana". He has also performed at the Palace Theater and Cenergy Club which is both located in Stamford Ct. Along with various other shows throughout the L.A. area. Redsox is currently working on his new mixtape titled "Turf Bizz OR No Bizz" - which he talks about things he’s experienced traveling back and forth from the East Coast to the West Coast. Not to mention his music is already flooding the streets in Connecticut and he has built his own fan base through his mind-blowing music. As of now Redsox lives in Bridgeport, Ct. Where he is focused and continues to create music, while he patiently awaits for his opportunity to show the world his rare groundbreaking talent.

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I am Loyalty Lo. I’m 25 years of age and was born and raised in the West Neighborhoods of Tampa, FL. West Tampa is the type of atmosphere where you had to get it how you live. Watching the young adolescents grow up fast, a lot of real people didn't make it out of the hood. I’m what you would consider a traveling man, I have lived in Dallas, TX for a couple of years. I have also been to Brooklyn, NY putting in work and making a name for myself. I have been down with CEO Snapp Ford and 4 Ever Ballin Records since I was 16 years old, patiently waiting on OUR reign in the music industry. The time is now and we came to take the music industry to the next level. The World's Realest Record Label - 4EB ...... I was inspired by legendary artists like 2Pac. But you could also say that I am a sucker for local music and artists like myself along with underground music as that keeps my attention.

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Alfonso Cardona: aka Ikieu aka DatNiggaAl

Ikieu is a master of many traits, including but definitely not limited to being a Producer, songwriter, artist and an all-around entertainer of both Colombian & Cuban decent which makes his flair even more unique. He was born in Amityville NY Raised in Tampa FL…. 

Ikieu is a 16 year veteran of 4 Ever Ballin Records, he has produced numerous tracks for nearly every member affiliated with the label. And has graced the world with 23 years of writing, rapping and producing experience and stays current with today’s music style without straying from his originality. Also a comedy writer and aspiring actor Ikieu will work his way into the game from different angles.

He has been a loyal member of 4EB and it has definitely been "4luv or no luv" SINCE 1999.

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My stage and artist name is Inferno AKA the Track Killa. My legal name is William Belton, born in Jersey city New Jersey. I moved to Tampa from New Jersey back in 85-86 and have been here since. I was always the only child; only have about a handful of family in Tampa. My mother, Ms.Bernice Belton raised me by herself.  My father was around but did not take responsibility for his only son. So I grew up with no father figure, but was raised by an angle that did the best raising her son. I started loving the culture of hip-hop back in the early 90s, artist and groups like Tupac, Scarface, Bone Thugs In Harmony, Mystikal, No Limit, Ghetto Boys, Red man, DMX and the list goes on and on. But in 93-94 when Bone Thugs In Harmony dropped their classic “Creeping On a Come Up”, it was then that I knew that I wanted to rap. Through middle school my homies and I had our own group. There were no names, we just liked to freestyle we were just kids learning the culture.  When I attended Hillsborough High School is when I began to become popular with my freestyles. At lunch with other classmates we use to battle rap or have a cypher like every day! I was one of the nicest to spit. After school I never thought about taking hip-hop serious, it just wasn't in my plans until me and a couple fellas formed a group called Micnificent. Vega-Z, Law, Supreme, Rezzey Reese, and myself Inferno. The group didn't go far, so we all moved on without any love lost. That is when 4Ever Ballin came into the picture, thanks to my homie Otis AKA Zonemattic. He introduced me to Snapp Ford and Big Trigg ,who accepted me because they knew I had talent and treated me like family. And I am #4everloyal to the 4 they are my brothers, family, friends and my squad. My goal is to keep hip hop alive by becoming  a teacher through my music to motivate my people to chase their dreams ,goals and to never give up on life. I have one daughter she's 6 and her name is Arianna she's my only child and my main focus. My next release will be #stuckinthe90s is coming soon. 

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Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, Dirty came up during a time when real Hip Hop pioneers were putting it down. I have drawn the inspiration for my artistry from a multitude of sources such as the Beastie Boys, Ice Cube, 2 Live Crew, Redman, Ghetto Boys, Outkast, Cypress Hill, Wu-Tang, Nas, Pac, Eminem and the list goes on.....

I appreciated music from an early age and have developed an undying love for it ever since. I've been writing music for about 20 years and have 3 albums to my credit, a group effort with O.T.H. (Other Than Honorable) titled "Kill your Landlord", and two solo albums, "Truth Serum" and "Menace II Sobriety".

I met Snapp Ford 10 years ago and have been down with the 4 Ever Ballin movement ever since. Big things are definitely happening for this record company and everyone that is involved.

Lyrically, it’s been proven that there are not many artists that can really f*** with me. I know most people say that, but in this instance it's actually a true statement. I mean, I've been doing the s*** for so long, any other outcome would be unacceptable.

People always ask me why the name "Dirty Drawz"? The name started with just "Dirty" and it has just morphed into this disgusting, devious description that you will definitely not forget. And, just like the name "Dirty Drawz" implies, I am leaving my f****** mark!!

Massive projects are in the works, stay tuned!!

- Dirty


"Karnival 4 Karnivores" coming soon

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Music is my passion and performing is my high. As a young boy I was writing rhymes and poetry down on paper,  which was often influenced by the sounds of great artists like Public Enemy, Naughty by Nature, Biggie, Pac, Jay- Z, Big Daddy Kane, and KRS-1. At the age of 15 I recorded my first song. I often filled spiral notebooks with songs that I wrote in my spare time. Back then, I thought of it all as just a hobby. But I have always had the dream of performing on the “big stage” someday. I continued to write music and record whenever I could throughout college. I left college when there was a tragedy in my family.  My grandmother passed away in 1999, so I came back home to Clovis New Mexico.  I felt lost & my child hood friend Snapp Ford called me and sent his condolences.  He also sent me a one way ticket to Florida, where I could finally breathe again. I felt dead so in a sense music saved my life & Snapp offered me that opportunity.  I began performing and doing shows all over Florida in the late 90’s under an independent label out of Tampa, Fl., called 4Ever Ballin Records. I was opening up for other unsigned artists. By 2000 I relocated back to Texas.  Not by choice, but by force because Snapp caught a bid! During that time I decided to put the music aside for a while. As I reviewed my life I was reminded of the strength my grandma instilled in me, the tenacity she taught me to have, and the drive she put behind me to move forward.  So I hit the booth again in 2002 & I haven't let up since.  Still pushing still grinding!  

Many of those emotions as well as trying times in my life were incorporated into my writing. Much of my music tells a story that others can relate to- whether it relates to their own situation in life, or just in general what the world is experiencing. I believe that everyone has a talent and mine is expressing my life through the deliverance that comes natural in the booth and on the stage. In the last two years I’ve dropped four mix tapes and an album Hustler on the Move. I also have 4 more mix tapes on deck & my most anticipated album is 75% complete, Indie presence is felt!  I have toured with Bun B, Slim Thug, Scarface, Baby Bash and Paul Wall. I have been working with producer Mr. Lee who has produced an album for me & will do more production on future projects as well as more mix tapes! 

My goal is to put Texas/New Mexico and the Southwest back on the map and represent original Hip Hop and what it stands for.  My music has been labeled as Reality music; I make Real Muzik, Life muzik!  

How I met Snapp

I met the CEO Snapp Ford in 1990 at Gattis Jr. High; I was one of the first kids to listen to him.  We agreed on a lot of things, hung out  a lot and became homies.  I use to treat him as my little brother & watch out for him. My family is his family & vice versa.  Snapp paroled out of jail to my house after his juvenile release.  Family never fails, so 25 years later here we are, to make our presence felt.  Where hip hop is our voice, our representation 4 min.

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