4 Ever Ballin artist roster

Artist: Inferno, Dirty Drawz, Pakasso, D Mercy, Shot Out, Relli, Ikieu, Loyalty Lo, RedSox, Anonymous, Rachet Badazz, Gunner Gauge


Production: Ikieu, Beezly aka Tattoo, Relli aka Phynga's, Mydo, Jayy Oh Beatz

Where You Are

Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, Dirty came up during a time when real Hip Hop pioneers were putting it down. I have drawn the inspiration for my artistry from a multitude of sources such as the Beastie Boys, Ice Cube, 2 Live Crew, Redman, Ghetto Boys, Outkast, Cypress Hill, Wu-Tang, Nas, Pac, Eminem and the list goes on.....

I appreciated music from an early age and have developed an undying love for it ever since. I've been writing music for about 20 years and have 3 albums to my credit, a group effort with O.T.H. (Other Than Honorable) titled "Kill your Landlord", and two solo albums, "Truth Serum" and "Menace II Sobriety".

I met Snapp Ford 10 years ago and have been down with the 4 Ever Ballin movement ever since. Big things are definitely happening for this record company and everyone that is involved.

Lyrically, it’s been proven that there are not many artists that can really f*** with me. I know most people say that, but in this instance it's actually a true statement. I mean, I've been doing the s*** for so long, any other outcome would be unacceptable.

People always ask me why the name "Dirty Drawz"? The name started with just "Dirty" and it has just morphed into this disgusting, devious description that you will definitely not forget. And, just like the name "Dirty Drawz" implies, I am leaving my f****** mark!!

Massive projects are in the works, stay tuned!!

- Dirty


"Karnival 4 Karnivores" coming soon

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