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Artist: Inferno, Dirty Drawz, Pakasso, D Mercy, Relli, Ikieu, Loyalty Lo, RedSox, Gunner Gauge, Esko & Wavy 2 Fly

Production: Ikieu, Beezly aka Tattoo, Relli aka Phynga's, Mydo, Jayy Oh Beatz



Pakasso born James Farris, in the 80's Tampa, Florida


Pakasso born James Farris, in the 80's Tampa, Florida in Robles Park projects, a place full of crime, drugs and crooked police. But despite all of that he wasn't an ordinary kid. he's what we would consider a miracle child. You see his mother at the age of 7 was struck by a car, leaving her paralyzed from the waist down. Doctor's said it would be impossible for her to ever give birth, so naturally she dreamed of having children. 15 years later, February 22nd, James Farris isborn. God's Child. News outlets & the media took advantage of the new young Mother with newspaper articles & tv footage. Farris was born prematurely & he was taken in by his grandparents with the disability of his mother. As a kid Farris always enjoyed music & it became his 1st love. Grandma played music 7 days a week. One of the 1st hiphop records he ever heard was Kool Moe Dee's "Wild Wild West", Thats when he became Pakasso. Tragedy struck Pakasso at the age of 7 with the death of his Mother. Finding rap songs written by his Mother prior to her passing had a heavy influence on Pakasso. He wrote his 1st rap at the age of 9 & began making his own music with no studio, just two Sony radios. One to play the music and the other to record. Next he teamed with a few childhood friends & they formed a group called "Black Foot Tribe (BFT)". This was very short lived due to creative differences. Pursuing a solo career tragedy struck Pakasso again at the age of 16 with the death of his girlfriend who was 8 months pregnant carrying his child. This was a major blow & setback for Pakasso but eventually he was able to rebound & use these tragedies as motivation for success. Pakasso was influenced by artist such as Geto Boys, NWA, Scarface, 2pac, Too Short, Trick Daddy & many more. Although Pakasso is no rookie on the music scene, he constantly remains hungry & keeps his skills sharpened. Pakasso is 4EB's moat polished artists when it comes to that microphone, with the ability to record an entire song from beginning to end with 15 minutes. Stay tuned.... Ghetto Prophet 2 coming soon....


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